1. Broken Rainbow e.V

The national association of lesbian, lesbian-gay, and transgender anti-violence projects was founded in October 2002 and is registered, non-profit association. The head office is in Berlin, Germany.

Broken Rainbow e.V. aims to work effectively against violence and discrimination towards lesbian women and inreasingly represents the interests of lesbian women on a national and European level. We are also taking first steps in addressing the issue of violence and/or discrimination against transgender persons. We perceive lesbian lifestyles as one of the many lifestyles that may be freely chosen. It is just as necessary to fight against the discrimination of lesbians as it is to fight against other forms of discrimination. We promote a 'politics of diversity' in which lesbian interests are of equal importance to those of other social groups effected by violence and discrimination, and whose discrimination is achored in various areas of political, social, cultural and economic life.

Since 2002 we further run a social science project in Frankfurt/M, Germany which does reseach on hate crime and domestic violence in lesbian partnerships. Head of project is Dr. Constance Ohms.

Constance Ohms
Constance Ohms
head of project


Berlin: xx49-30-7800 6331
Frankfurt/M: xx49-69-70794300

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Funded by:and
European Commission and the German Federal Ministry of Family, Seniors, Women and Youth.

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